Low Back Pain and Shoveling


Well Chicago, it is finally here….snow!.  It is very important to be careful while shoveling your driveways and walkways to save yourself a miserable day with back pain.  First off, if possible try to buy an ergonomic shovel that has a bend in the handle to decrease the need to bend at the hips.  Second, take your time and don’t try to move too much snow at one time.  Snow can be very heavy if you try to over do it.  And lastly, do not scoop and throw the snow, especially while twisting.  Instead start at the center of the driveway and push the snow to the edges.  So everyone be careful out there today and if something does go wrong and you end up with a sore back, put some ice on it and then call Dr Dolan at Dolan Family Chiropractic in Aurora, IL at 630-236-3090.  Happy shoveling!


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